The Fallen

by Aramaic

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This EP represents combination of all what the band had believed in to display all kind of Social, Religious, and Cultural aspects, aligned with the History of the Assyro-Babylonian Civilization gods such as Haddad (Adad), Sin, Ishtar, Shamash and Nergal, and Caananite-Phoenician deities such as the storm-god, El, the supreme deity of Canaan, Anat(‘Atta) and others


released June 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Aramaic Dubai, UAE

The band started when the friends Michael and Fadi gathered and started jamming on 2010, after few sessions the chemistry was undeniable and the result was some very interesting ideas. The band is joined by Serge who is part of the song writing process.

The name came from the Ancient Arameans who lived in the region where the bands musicians hail from, with their very rich mythology.
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Track Name: The King
The mighty King, invader of lands,
Lay siege on the kingdom of god,
To rule a nation of lambs,
And spread his legions of the damned

A Lord defending his realm,
Built mighty walls, for his keep to stand,
Urging his folk believe in the one,
deliver them from this skeptic man

A message declared by the King,
To betray their Lord from this saviour above,
A myth bestowed upon the fallen
Winning wars with steel & flesh.

He put to death whom he wished
And whom he wished he let live
He raised high whom he wished
And whom he wished he brought low

Be not afraid of his words,
the heretic will be smitten where he stands,
His fall will be by a sword on his lands,
By his kin, he will parish with his men!

As the King mocked their beliefs,
The Lord summoned his god, on his knees
to forfeit his life, the pagans defeat
Ending his rule & his greed!

A fleet of angles dropped from the skies,
Leading his soldiers to their demise
Fled the kind to his lair,
Killed by his sons, Ashamed by his failure!

He put to death whom he wished
And whom he wished he let live
He raised high whom he wished
And whom he wished he brought low
Track Name: The Fallen
At first sight
Gazing at her shimmering eyes
Like a rapturous goddess
An angel, of flesh & blood

An everlasting entity
In love with an dying flame
To be with her, he made
The ultimate sacrifice

As the moon eclipses the sun, dusk has overshadowed
Cast out by the heavens, the immortal falls…

As courage evoked,
he muttered
“Be mine forever,
walking this earth together”
Without a flicker, she uttered:
“My heart belongs to another…. “

As agony ripped through his heart
Shattered with bleak sorrow
Ashamed, dismayed & emotionless
It was, the final sacrifice.

As the moon eclipses the sun, dusk has overshadowed
Cast out by the heavens, the immortal falls…
As the darkness engulfs, the once mighty immortal,
Cast out by the heavens, an earthly being, he falls!

I’m vengeful; I loathe you, my love!
Track Name: The Pledge
Shamesh, our savior, in you we trust,
To bring us victory over the gloom that ensues,
With swords in hands
We’ll fight for as long as we stand!

A pledge to the lord of light

Nergal, we summon thee, to annihilate the virtuous
Bringing pain & misery across their lands,
With the might of fire and endless desire,
Until their blood runs dry!

We pledge our souls to our god of war

A battle that begins an infinite reign,
From north to south, and peaks to plains
As suns rise and moons engulf,
Sweeping through masses, death’s the game!

Since the origin of man,
Feuds & divide
Beckoning to the gods
Malicious and kind,

2 sides consumed by hate & power,
All for the sake of this precious terrain,
As they divide and conquer,
A sentence for the pledges that were made!
Track Name: The Summoning
Rising from the ashes, buried since ages
A transient shell, a momentary Inhabitance

Ascending to the skies, soaring in plight
Exploring the world, in hope of new life

Vast spaces … of nothingness
…Endless views of carcasses
Searching for an existence, any life
Alone… Roaming alone!

Sentenced to the earth for past humility,
Vicious & malicious, ending of Humanity
Sufferance for neglect, squandered my sorrow
Rising from the soil, the only repent.

Vast spaces … of nothingness
…Endless views of carcasses
Knowing that there is no existence,
Alone… Forever alone!

An emptiness that succumbs,

Dismayed by apathy,